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Content that attracts attention and drives conversions for ecommerce stores

I help online stores create content their target customers can’t ignore; content that turns strangers into customers.

You have consumer products to sell, and you want to run ads to just sell them right away.

That works, honestly, it does.

But your conversion rates increases when you create amazing content alongside selling your products. Site traffic is proven to be 7.8x higher for online stores that use content marketing big time than for those using it shabbily (19.7% vs 2.5%).

My Services

You can hire me for all of these services at once or for any of them as a standalone service


Content marketing strategy (done for you)

First, you need a content marketing strategy that ensures you’re not just creating amazing content, but that your content leads to actual sales.

I’ll prepare a documented strategy that shows how I’ll be creating your content over the next few months and what we’ll be doing to achieve your desired goals — which is to engage customers and increase sales.

We can discuss your content marketing strategy over a call; just schedule a day and time and we’ll take it from there.


Content types

There are different types of content and you need to know the ones that work for your specific online store.

Schedule a call with me to see which types of content will attract and convert your own target customers, and how I can help create them for you.


Content calendar

Not only do you need a conversion-focused strategy and the right content types, you also need a content calendar that shows you the topics your audience is interested in.

I’ll help you create a content calendar that shows you what types of content we’ll be using, the specific topics your audience care about that we’ll be creating content on per time, and the times content will be going out on all your social platforms.

This way, you’re always in the mind of your customers.

Let’s get on the phone and we can talk about that, too.



Then you need the actual content — videos, blog posts, ebooks, graphics, etc. — that pulls customers to your store, and I’ll be creating that for you as well.

My team and I are expert content creators who are specialized in each of these content types. Want to see how we can work together? Go ahead, schedule a call time now.

Content-Focused Ecommerce Website

Apparently, I’m a content marketing specialist. But I do have expert web designers who work with me to create websites that are focused on both delivering quality content and conversions. As a content marketing expert, I lead them to ensure they build a site that makes your customers feel at home when they visit your store. If you need a customer-centric, let’s talk.

Landing Pages

Do you want to convert your content-marketing-pulled audience into actual customers? Conversion-focused landing pages are what you need to do that.

Schedule a call and let’s talk about how I can help you

Victor’s work helped me overcome the need to create quality, in-depth content for my business. He started the project by delivering an outline, and everything was professionally done. His content was well researched, well crafted, and contained relevant visuals. Anyone looking to have a quality content marketing expert on their team should consider using Victor. He will over-deliver for sure!

Founder at Conversion Surge

Ready to supercharge your conversions through content marketing?